Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Great Pumpkin 2012

These are my six pumpkins to date - I have a few more (about 4) on the vine that are still maturing.

They are Queensland Blue variety. They'll sit on my shed roof for two weeks before going into storage. With the stem piece left on they should last for up to two years.

The big one up the back will go to D & J's local butcher (who also sells fruit and vegetables) as he gives us choice cuts of meat. A few will go to neighbours and the remainder will be for our own use.


momto8 said...

what do you do with them in storage?!

JohnD said...

We keep them for future use - find a dry spot in a shed, usually on some burlap or hessian and leave them until required. With the stems left on they last real well - up to two years. With the stems cut off they can deteriorate much sooner and be subject to pumpkin diseases and rot.

LindaG said...

That's really awesome that they can last up to two years.
Looks like you had a really good harvest. :o)

JohnD said...

Queensland Blue pumpkin are a hardy breed - great for baking with the skin on and lovely mashed in with boiled potato.