Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Sunshine Award

Award to me by  Cindy over at Just North of Wiarton

1.) What is your favourite color?
Blue - I love blue shirts, particularly those tending towards a darker hue of blue.

2.) What is your favourite animal?
Dogs and horses! I've always had dogs and I have a natural affinity with horses. At the Jockey Club I was always the Director appointed to assist the veterinary for his inspections in the saddling enclosure as I had no fear of highly strung thoroughbreds and could always calm them. I often led a fractious horse by the reins out on to the track through the public chute.

3.) What is your favourite number?

4.) What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? 
Icy cold  mineral water

5.) Which do you prefer - Facebook or Twitter?
Not into either - I cancelled my Facebook account - I do not like public media

6.) What is your passion?
After my grandsons and my garden, I would have to say the Australian Bush.

7.) Do you prefer giving or receiving presents? 
Rarely do either. Rhonda and I will buy ourselves and each other little gifts as the fancy takes us.

8.) What's your favourite pattern? 
Don't have one

9.) What is your favourite day of the week?
Choose-day - i.e. "Choose any day!"

10.) What is your favourite flower?
Gazania -  
Gazania linearis and Remembrance PoppiesPapaver rhoeas

Now, I award my Sunshine Award to Cathy, over at Cathy is at Home for her continual production of marvelous images around her home region!


North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

I love Grace Smith's posted paintings, love the Fall photos you posted & love your sharing on the Sunshine Award questions.

"Just Me"

LindaG said...

Always love your flowers!
Happy Sunday! :o)

JohnD said...

Actually, outside the 'Art World' G C-S remained an 'unknown' for many decades until some of her exhibitions began to circulate around the nation. Her belief in "Yellow" as Australia's 'colour' is a 'bush oriented' belief and does not hold up when you hit the brown plains and the 'red heart' of Australia.

JohnD said...

Thank you!

cathy@home said...

Thank you JohnD, I think I might blush.

JohnD said...

Just do it with your usual aplomb!

Jim said...

Congratulations John on the award! There coming from all directions I see! lol I need your mailing address as you were the winner of my 'Give-Away'! Take care.