Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday - and I learn something new ...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - Foggy morning and 4C at 7am but the sun is now out though not with much warmth. I think a change in the weather is on the way and we may get some rain tomorrow - or even as early as this evening.

At the doctor's surgery this morning I overheard a comment made in a conversation between two indigenous adolescents. They referred to something as a "Goon Bag".

Piqued my curiosity, so when i got home I looked it up on the Urban Dictionary

"... Cheap wine that comes in a box and leaves the consumer with an extreme headache the next day. Convenient because the remains of the vessel can be inflated for use as a pillow after consumption.
 "I've only got $8 so I guess I'll be drinking a goon bag tonight." 
"The Goon Bag" is a specific location in Garema Place, Civic, Canberra City, Australia. This is a common hang out for alternative sub-cultures, such as Goth, Emo, Indie, Punks, etc.  
The Canberra 'Goon Bag' is a sculpture of a metal over-sized cushion, which is mounted on black marble 'steps' that rise about a meter off the ground. 
The actual sculpture was named 'the goon bag' due to it's metal cushion, that resembles the silver bag that contains cheap bulk-packaged wine (the wine is also known as 'goon') 
"I’ll see you at the goon bag today after school" ..."
Well, OK! I learnt what 'goon' and a 'goon bag' are. More Aussie slang, it's a language all of its own that just keeps evolving. 

I've always known what a "Goth" is. Now I've got to go and find out what an Emo, and Indie and a Punk are? lol!

Someone asked me if my ID picture is Denny's mother:

No! That's Caddy (sorry Cindy, I wrote the wrong name in our messages - Freudian slip or plain Old-timer's Disease - lol!)

Caddy is one of my daughter's two dogs that often visit us - sometimes to be 'dog sat'. They usually have to be chained up when unsupervised if they visit if I don't want the whole yard excavated or anything made of steel chewed into iron filings. 

Caddy's mate is a young lady spaniel named Candy. She's the 'excavator' of the two, tho' Caddy learns fast!

Denny and Caddy love to play 'boy dog' games.
Caddy and Denny 'at play' - that's a 'tug-o-war' between their
front feet that they are in dispute of 'ownership'.

When they do this candy gets upset at being left out so she'll join in and (usually) she'll centre her attention on Denny. Caddy reckons that's a 'fair thing' so he also concentrates on Denny and those two do a 'tag wrestling' attack on Denny.
The three join to play as a group!

Denny lets me know when he's had enough of this attention so that I intervene and separate them - Denny inside and Caddy and Candy outside on the old futon for their nighttime sleep..
Night! Night! folks.

Denny goes inside the house for the night.
Phew! I need a rest from those two young 'uns!

Denny's 'adopted mum was the late "Miss Socks", a pedigree female Smithfield terrier. Besides having four white feet and a white chest blaze, she also had two 'false eyes' - two brown spots either side of her snout and just above her true eyes. 

While her quarry focused on the brown spots, thinking they were her real eyes, the latter would be narrowed to slits, allowing her to be ready to pounce when the time was right while the 'false eyes' mesmerised her quarry - such as rabbits.
Miss Socks, ever 'the lady'!

Denny was (then) a wild-eyed Denny 'free spirit' living on borrowed time at a foster home. He had a few weeks to find a home or it was "The Needle"!
Denny roaming the bush on the farm at the back of Narooma

Miss Socks was a 'Super Dog' - smart as a whip and a natural cattle dog - you never heard her unless she wanted you to hear her and she only barked when it was essential. She believed that the shank, just above the ankle, was the most vulnerable spot for man-or-beast. Under Miss Socks' care and guidance she re-trained Denny to become more placid and a 'house dog but also taught him everything she knew about 'dog behaviour'.

She worked hard at training Denny, teaching him patience, obedience and how to develop a placid nature.

Denny and Miss Socks were 'friends forever', like mother and son.

Sadly Miss Socks needed to be put down when she developed lymphoma and could hardly get off her bed.

Anyhoo-dee-doo, time's a wasting so I must finish this post now and go and get some lunch!

C'ya all around the traps!


Annmarie Pipa said...

what fun pictures! they look so cute and fun too. I would not have been good for them...given them treats all day and letting them dig up the yard...

LindaG said...

Be sure to tell us about Emo, Indie and Punk. I've never understood them, either, though I think they have something to do with music...

Hope your day has been a good one, John!

AstridsSoapbox said...

Your doggies are adorable...I'm such a sucker for dogs (as everyone who's read my post about Sophie knows :)...btw, did you know that the wine cask (box) was invented by an Aussie? Aren't we so clever? Smiles - Astrid

JohnD said...

Ahhhhh! They are Fun, 'Fectionate and Friends - I just hate seeing all my hard work go in an excavation like an open-cut coal mine

JohnD said...

Emo's are determined by their tight fitting clothes, bright hues of make-up; Indie is short for "Independent" do their own thing and not part of any other group; Punks where garish clothes, wild hair styles and ito body piercing.

Yes! Each group is known by their music-style preferences.

Day was great!

JohnD said...

Yes! I did know that about the wine cask. Did you know that our winemakers are now producing 'bottle-sized' cardboard box and wine bladders of better quality wines for picnics, etc and areas where glass is not permitted?

The Elephant's Child said...

Thank you for giving me a link to this posting. I did know about the uses of wine cask bladders, and had seen the resemblance in the sculpture in Garema Place but hadn't made the link to it being a designated meeting place. Still chuckling - thank you.
And I love your furry friends.

JohnD said...

You are welcome and I was most pleased to find your blog!