Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wet Wednesday

Wednesday 2nd May 10.40am. The rain came in at 9.00am.

Rhonda was having a sleep in. She had been on an evening shift last night but the night Nurse rang in late to say that she would not be able to come on duty. Rhonda found another RN but she couldn't start before 12midnight 'cos she has had no sleep, so Rhonda held on until she arrived at 12.30am.

Work just rang and asked her if she can do a night shift tonight instead of her evening shift. She had to refuse 'cos we are going away tomorrow morning. I think things aren't going down too well over the night shift roster and a special 'All staff' meeting has been called for Monday morning.

I'm about to head out and collect the community car and take a couple over to the ACT. he needs a cataract removed so it is going to be a long afternoon. I have some shopping planned for Fyshwick commercial precinct - a visit to Jaycar to buy Rhonda a digital  (DAB+) radio to overcome our poor radio reception (I hope) and also a digital radio tuner for the Hi-Fi unit.

If I get time I'll also do a visit to Bunnings to get some more  weed whacker twine and to have a look and see if their outdoor combustion stoves have come in. We want a potbelly stove for the patio at "The Camp"

Poor old Denny is going to be peeved. He'll be locked out while I'm away after Rhonda goes to work at 2pm. He'll have to be a 'real dog' for a change - but he has his Futon lounge-bed in the carport and I'm sure he'll snuggle down into it.

Well, that's the chimes for 11am - must head off and get on my way.

Ciao for now!

Back home now - Saw one digital radio 'Media Centre' that also had a docking station for an Apple 3G Iphone to download music but that one would run to around $400AUS. The salesman would not cut any slack on the price - simply said their prices are 'fixed'. I didn't buy that digital radio and a good thing I didn't 'cos another salesman spoke to me outside the store and informed me that we would not get any digital signal out here where we are, that its only 'on trial' with the ABC in Canberra on a limited output. Lucky on that point, saved my 400 bucks but - Damn!! - may have to look at installing a digital satellite dish and connect all the electronic media to satellite reception.

Did get to Bunnings and got two spools of ready-wound weed whacker string and a 15 metre role of unspooled string. Called in at Barbeques Galore looking for a slow combustion wood stove for the patio up at "The Camp" and the cheapest they had was $999AUS and that's without the flue which was another $369AUS.

Really! I don't know where some of these retailers are coming from 'cos money's tight, retail sales are down, they are whinging like mad to the government to create more 'consumer spending' but they keep demanding these ridiculous prices for things.

Going to search the second-hand house materials tonight and see if someone has a slow combustion stove that's been pulled out of a renovation somewhere (a lot of people are switching from wood to natural gas heating).


LindaG said...

Do you have XM or Serius Satellite radio down under? We got an XM radio a few years back and we LOVE it.
Glad you were able to save $400 though. Think if the salesman had come down and you got home and it didn't work?
Prices are like that, here, too. There area a lot of resale stores here (Habitat for Humanity and such), so a good chance you will find a stove. Good luck!

Shammickite said...

You certainly had a busy day. Is every day like that?

JohnD said...

Yep! Gunna be a long time dead! lol!

cathy@home said...

Thats what my Dad says as well.