Friday, July 6, 2012

Premature explosion ....

Premature blast ... yachts are illuminated in the foreground as a malfunction
causes the entire Fourth of July fireworks show to go off all at once over
San Diego Bay. Photo: Ben Baller/AP.
"The Fourth of July fireworks display above San Diego Bay was over in a flash after a malfunction that the show's producer blamed on a computer glitch caused the planned 20-minute spectacle to burn up all at once. 
The mishap occurred minutes before the scheduled opening of the Big Bay Boom show, the Coast Guard said. Guard spokesman Rich Dann told U-T San Diego he's never seen so many fireworks go off at one time. 
Online video shows multiple light bulb-shaped explosions flaring up from barges in the bay, lighting the night sky over downtown San Diego.
Rapid snaps and pops punctuate the blazes, which begin to fizzle and sputter in a matter of seconds."


North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

I did so awarded you the Liebster Award, on my post of yesterday for details, dear John.

"Just Me"

JohnD said...

I realise that - been terribly busy - I'll attend to it tonight.

ps I appreciate the award, I really do!

Maa said...

Looks like an old man's sunburnt head! Congratulations on your award. Hope your back heals soon rather than later. Take it easy. Sue