Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Truck cleaning day

After a frosty -4C start to the day, the sun is out and clear blue skies prevail - Ideal truck cleaning day and long overdue!

Boy! How do I collect so much rubbish - I think I gained another dog if the contents of the vacuum cleaner are any indication! LOL!

Now the job is to sort out - what goes for a wash? - what goes back in?  - and - what gets tossed out! I need a new emergency toolbox as the one I've got is jammed full!


The Elephant's Child said...

Feel free to bring your cleaning skills this way.
And I do know exactly what you mean about the dog hair in the vacuum. Some years back an allergist asked me to bring a teaspoon of dust from our vacuum. What I was able to give him was a wodge of dirty cat hair. For the record of the ten most common allergens I am not allergic to cat or dog hair.

JohnD said...

Other than a couple of dog covers to the wash the rest went back in - very little 'turfed out'!

Maa said...

When you're done John, you can start on mine. Be warned ... you'll need a plastic scourer! Sue

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

It has been on my mind to get my Van cleaned out too, however I have been also waiting for a much cooler day with a bit of a breeze, but not until it is -4 ... lol. Rubbish we collect? my house still needs tons of decluttering !

LindaG said...

Always good to have a task finished.
Have a great evening, John!

Al said...

One of those mysterious pups that seem to appear from nowhere?