Sunday, September 2, 2012

Most moving haka

Never have I seen a more moving haka than the one performed by a battalion of the New Zealand Army this week, before the coffin of one of their fallen comrades, just returned from Afghanistan.

You can see it here

The tribute to Corporal Luke Tamatea, Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker and Private Richard Harris was performed by approximately 200 military personnel.
The three soldiers died earlier this month when their vehicle was hit by a huge roadside bomb in north-east Bamyan Province.

Tragically, of course, we will shortly be receiving five coffins of our own fallen in Australia this week. 

We weep.

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Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Wow that would be something to witness. I had never heard of a Haka before.

JohnD said...

The Haka is a traditional Maori war dance from New Zealand. There are thousands of Haka that are performed by various tribes and cultural groups throughout New Zealand. The best known Haka of them all is called "Ka Mate". It has been performed by countless New Zealand teams both locally and internationally. It is normally performed immediately prior to the event that is to take place: e.g. sports matches, conferences, VIP functions, hui, etc

look to

Susan Heather said...

Yes, I saw the haka on our news - it was very special.

JohnD said...

Probably mean quite a lot to the deceased soldier's families!