Saturday, June 19, 2010

I think I'm becoming a Grumpy Old Man!

Rhonda has an unexpected day off today - to many staff rostered on her shift - so she elected to swap one of her days off and have the Saturday off!

Fine, What a lovely idea (when she told me yesterday!)

Today, and after nearly a week of coping 'home alone' each day, developing my routine and rituals, everything gets thrown on its head. Like, I wasn't planning on showering today as I did so yesterday and I'm house-bound at present (and its a wet and cold day) but .... No! She wouldn't have it and even re-arranged her clothes washing timing so that the washing machine would not drain off the hot water from the shower. Then there's the washing up from last night .... I usually do it after noon .... but today it had to be done after breakfast.  Breakfast - now there was another issue .... no lounging around in my P.J's, dressing gown and comfy slippers - get showered, have breakfast and then wash up!

Oh dear!  It is so nice to have her around during the day as it does get rather monotonous with just myself and Denny-the-Dog but I do wish I could just do my own thing!

Well, at least she found my lost rubber exercise band for my knee stretches!  Now how did that end up in the bottom of the bed clothes?

G.O.M.? I hope not! LOL!

PS - Found friend mouses' hidey hole behind the microwave. His/her calling cards cleaned up and a neat little trap set. I think it was after Denny-the-Dog's' "Carob Treats" which usually reside adjacent.

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